Why you need a WebSite:

Just as the public now goes to social media sites to investigate individuals, they look for a website to investigate businesses. Therefore, any type of business should have a website. Even if your products/services do not lend themselves to online sales, your website adds credibility to your business by providing convenient access to company history, hours of operation, contact information, forms, and terms of service. These items can be quickly and easily updated. Pictures, descriptions and pricing are instantly available to potential customers, thereby enhancing your position in today’s competitive marketplace. Online stores for merchandise purchasing are essential for a wide variety of businesses. An attractive, professional website designed for easy navigation and utilizing key words for maximum search engine indexing raises your online profile above that of your competition and becomes an important tool in overall business planning and marketing.

  • WordPress Website or Blog using default WordPress themes. I can also Update your current websites to WordPress.
  • I will add your pages, content, blog, customize images, include contact form, social media sharing, PayPal shopping and just about anything else you may need.
  • I will set it up and install it on your domain and host. If you do not have a domain name or host, I will assist in obtaining these items.
  • Your website will cost a fraction of what other designers charge. Prices start at $200 & I will show you how to edit your site, give you free support & updates for 6 months.